Studio:TREE - Andrew Crawford - Apparel Design - 3 additional design styles


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Greetings Andrew,

Thank you for your request for the additional headwear design styles.

We now require the 50% deposit for the 3 additional design styles, which is £150 (with the total cost for this additional part of the project being £300).

Together with this £300, the initial £600 total for the whole project is now £900.

The original 50% deposit of £300 has already been received. Once this additional 50% deposit has been paid, the funds already received will total £450, and therefor the remaining balance for the complete job will also be £450, which will be required on completion and sign-off of the project.

Once these additional funds have been received, the 3 additional designs will be produced.

Thank you very much.


Andreas Varnavides
Creative Director @ Studio:TREE