Why we do what we do

We love to visually communicate positive, life-affirming messages.

We have a true passion and respect for the art and design we produce,

What we produce is always fresh, fly and funky, and people dig it, which is a wonderful blessing in itself.

We take inspiration from this wonderful planet we all inhabit, creating beautiful art and design inspired by Mother Nature, and all her wonderful creations. We celebrate her in all her divine glory and magnificence, to make art and design for you, the discerning Earth-Mother-Lover.

Because trees, bushes and flowers, insects, animals and humans are all types of lovely and everybody knows it.

To spread the messages of world peace, love, happiness and prosperity across the globe.

It is blatantly obvious that the humans of this world need to celebrate, appreciate and respect Mother Earth much more than we have been, especially in recent times.

We believe in the power of our majestic Mother Nature to sustain us all - flora and fauna alike - to make us flourish, blossom and bloom like the wild flowers we all are.

We overstand that Mother Earth is the boss, and we’re just short-hop-passengers riding her waves, and only for the time being.

Our relationship with Nature is symbiotic; by keeping our Earth comfortable and therefore thriving, she in turn keeps us, her guardians, fed, watered and growing as a result. It’s simple really.


What we don’t do

We don’t try to create, promote or sell stuff that we don’t believe in. No-one needs that kind of Karma now do they?!


Why we want your business

To spread the TREE love far and wide. We are, after all, branches of the same tree. Otherwise you would not be here. The mother tree vibrations brought you here.

Because deep down, we believe in the same, basic philosophies and principles, that most humans do...

Love and respect for our natural world and for all of humankind, because humans themselves are nature.

Health, equity, equality, justice, compassion, empathy, wealth and abundance for all.

To celebrate and preserve the indigenous cultures' and traditions, of all our forefathers and ancestors around the world.

To savour the flavour of creativity and art... art in every sense, for all the senses.

We strive to keep our business practices as ethically and environmentally-conscious as we can. Constantly improving and evolving, by learning about the latest advances in the technologies available to us, to improve processes, in order to provide the best level of service possible.

We thank you for taking the time out to visit us, and hope you have enjoyed your visit to our TREE house.