Here at TREE Studio, we provide Brand Strategy & Consultation, Art Direction, Illustration and Graphic Design services.


Brand Strategy & Consultation

This is the first stage of the entire creative process, which lays the foundation for the entire project. It is the creative birth of the overall concept, and once completed, becomes the creative direction that the project will take. This will go on to define the strategic concepts and visual style of the project, and the techniques required to achieve this.


Art Direction

The creative navigation of the whole project, ensuring that the artwork and design remains on track and consistent with the client brief and original creative concepts, and maintaining the creative direction of the work.


Branding Design

The branding of a company or organisation is the visual element which represents them publicly, or in the market place. It is how an organisation wishes to be seen. The logo is a significant part of the brand identity, along with strategically created visual design elements, including fonts, colour-schemes, graphics and photography. These elements are combined to create the marketing material, company stationery, media advertising etc. All these elements come together to form a company’s unique visual language, their brand.


Logo & Logotype Design

The creation of a logo and/or logotype, whether that is a graphic symbol, bespoke logotype lettering, or a combination of the two. The creative direction and marketing strategy of the client’s brief are used as the guide to create an innovative graphic solution. Designing a unique graphic symbol and/or lettering, which is an appropriate representation of the client’s organisation.


Lettering and Illustration

Bespoke hand-rendered lettering and illustration, for use on their own, or as an element within various graphic design and visual communication materials, such as books, magazines, company brochures, album-cover artwork, packaging, clothing, textiles, posters, flyers, greetings cards, digital artwork etc.


If there is anything specific you require which is not listed here, please contact us and we may be able to assist you.