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AMV Biography

Hello and welcome to the TREE house.

I am Andreas, the shopkeeper.

A multi-disciplined visual polymath, I have been creating graphic art design (professionally) for over 2 decades, (although I've been scribbling on paper since the early 1980's).

Born & raised between the Essex coast, London and Cyprus, producing art and design in various guises; predominantly for the music, dance-floor and street-culture community.

Throughout my childhood, I spent most of my time in a catering environment, as my parents ran restaurants. There I learned numerous skills, including; waitering, bartending, customer service, and eventually becoming a commis-chef by the time I finished High School.

These skills helped pay for my art and design education. I studied both in Nicosia, Cyprus, and England, before I graduated Design College in London, in 2000.

Graphic design (including logo's, lettering, branding, layout design and illustration) became my main vocation. Learning the ropes of graphic communication design in the Corporate Publications sector in London, but the work I undertook for the independent dance-floor and street culture movement was what I enjoyed the most.

From 2007 to 2014, I was the Creative Director of Different Prints; an art studio in Tottenham, North London, which produced a myriad of art and design projects, together with traditional, hand-pulled silkscreen-printing, and often in combination. During that time, we collaborated with a variety of independent fashion labels, martial-arts and fitness gyms, musicians and artists; many of whom remain my cherished friends, who have gone on to achieve great things, I'm thrilled to say!

Some of the work I have produced over the years can be found in the Portfolio section of the TREE:Studio.

In 2012, I decided to go back to my roots, build AMV - my personal brand, create art and design that truly mattered to me, and open a shop to sell it in - the only difference being, that I would sell visual art instead of food.

I am delighted to announce that this is that shop; a place where my friends and I make and sell the nutritious goods we produce, to the wonderful humans on planet Mother Earth.

Most of all, I am humbled and blessed to be able to do this as my day job.

Thank you for visiting.

Andreas Michael Varnavides


You can join me on;
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