AMV Biography

Hello and welcome to AMV Studio.

I am Andreas Michael Varnavides, Creative Director at TREEPRODUCE.

A multi-disciplined visual polymath, producing graphic art and design for over 2 decades, (although I've been scribbling on various things - much to my parents' despair - since the early 1980's).

Born & raised on the East Essex coast, I lived and studied in Cyprus for a couple of years during the early-mid 1990's, and attended various art and design colleges in London, from 1995 until 2000.


Since graduating graphic design college in London in 2000, I created artwork and graphic design in various guises; having cut my teeth in fast-paced pre-press and production departments, artworking official, confidential, and technically-complex layout and publishing assets, within the corporate and B2B sector, until Autumn 2007.


From 2007 to 2014, I was co-founder and Creative Director of Different Prints; a multi-faceted visual art & design studio, based in the Bernie Grant Arts Centre, in Tottenham, North London.

There, we produced a myriad of art and design projects, for the arts, music, dance-floor and street-culture community in London, and internationally.

Modern, visual communication design disciplines, such as logo, branding, layout, publishing and digital media design, were combined with traditional visual art techniques, including drawing, painting, photography, hand-pulled silkscreen-printing, stencilling, block-printing, and collage.


In 2014, I returned to Essex, where I formed AMV Studio - my personal production facility, where I create one-off art pieces, limited-edition print-runs and design collections, that truly matter to me.


In 2017, I conceived TREEPRODUCE -  a dedicated platform to; incubate, develop, showcase and sell my creative products, alongside a curated selection of goods, from producers and brands that share similar philosophies as I do.

You are here.


If you are interested in hiring AMV Studio for Art Director and Brand Strategy services, I am represented by YunoJuno agency, where you will find my profile. Click here for further details.

Thank you for visiting.


Andreas Michael Varnavides