Welcome Home...

We make art and design products with a positive vibration.

Living in harmony with the universal Love principle, we;
generate, cultivate, harvest and sell our produce, in deep respect and appreciation for Mother Earth and all the sentient beings that dwell upon her.

Essentially, we are equal-parts incubator, greenhouse and marketplace.

Launching cutting-edge brands, showcasing new products and exclusive collections, our mission is to provide the optimum environment for the goods and services we create and curate, to thrive.

Based in Europe - our main Studio is located in South-East England with another in Cyprus - our fresh and fly produce is lovingly shipped across the globe, for the enjoyment of all man(and woman)kind.

This is also the home of Studio:TREE, our in-house visual communication, art and design lab.

For further enquiries please Contact us here.

We deeply appreciate your interest in our shop, and thank you for stopping by to pay us a visit.

Andreas Michael Varnavides
Founder & CEO