The Mother TREE

This short piece tells the story of the PEACE TREE label, written and uploaded a year to the day from when the seed was planted...

A year ago today, I found myself in the motherland, Cyprus, with my 2 brothers Pav & Bear. We were at church watching the body that used to house my 'Yiayia Androniki' - my maternal Grandma - be laid to rest. It was a beautiful occasion as she was loved by all, and I got to see my lovely cousins, and much of my extended family, many of whom I'd not seen for over a quarter of a century.

She was buried in the grounds of the church in the family grave, with her own parents, her husband my Grandpa Christo and most of her siblings too.
Her parents - my Great-Grandma & Grandpa - were refugees who had fled to Cyprus with their 4 children from Asia-Minor - now modern-day Turkey - to escape the Moslem rebels. She was 1 of 10 children.

I was her first grandson, and was also given her name (as well as her haircut by the looks of this photo!).

A few days after the funeral, on our flight back to England, the idea came to me, to stop messing about with this precious life I've been blessed with, and to finally create and build my own clothing label and graphic art lab, as I had always dreamed of.

She was literally the seed that was planted in Mother Earth, to grow my family TREE.

Love you forever Yiayia and thanks for all the food!

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